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Parts Backordered: Mercruiser

Guest Contributor

Good Morning to all. Anyone having problems getting parts for their Mercruiser. A simple hose assembly has been on back order for more than 6 weeks now. Summer will be over soon so my family has missed the rest of summer without our Sundeck 240. Anyone know how to contact the right division within Mercruiser to file a complaint. This is unacceptable service. Why buy a Mercruiser if they can’t support it with parts, especially a simple hose assembly? Appreciate any and all inputs.


Guest Contributor

Yes, ordered a inline fuel filter in December, received it a few weeks ago, fortunately had a spare.

What hose and/or part number are you looking for? Perhaps someone here can help.

Guest Contributor

They suffered a cyber attack / ransomware event in the spring. Distribution (and maybe US manufacturing) was completely shut down for several weeks. They also brought a new distribution center online in the summer and that didn't go smoothly.  Now I believe they suffering from industrial action by warehousing staff. They are not having a good year.