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I know that my boat is two years...

Guest Contributor

I know that my boat is two years newer than what Sea Ray considers "Classic" for this forum, but I am cross posting this here in the desperate hope that someone can help me. I am restoring a 1996 Sea Ray 175 BROB (Bow Rider Outboard) that has the Fish 'N Ski package. I need to replace the 4" x 4" Maximum Capacities decal label that's inside the boat, on the driver's side wall. The original decal has been rubbed off over the years by the shift level (which I have replaced) and the only thing still visible on the old decal (besides the model # and the Sea Ray name and address) is "8 persons." I can have a replacement decal made, but need to know the following info:  1) Maximum allowable pounds of the combination of motor, persons & gear, and 2) Max HP rating allowable for this hull.  Does anyone out there have this boat or a similar boat with an outboard that can advise me? My boat has a 115 ELPTO Mercury outboard, and from the Merc website I have found that the motor weighs 368 lbs. I also believe that they allow an average of 150 lbs per person, so 8 persons X 150 = 1200 lbs. But I would still need to know what is allowable for "gear" on this type of boat to get the final maximum capacity tally. Sea Ray no longer has this info for my boat, and they suggested this forum as my last hope of finding the information I need. Hoping someone can HELP!!! and thanks!