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New boat owner here.My Aune & Uncle...

Guest Contributor

New boat owner here.

My Aune & Uncle gave me a 1990 Sea Ray 180.

It has an outboard engine, uncle says it has been serviced and is ready to run.


I just want to learn as much about being a boat owner as I can.

Is there a place to download an owner's manual?   

And any other pertinent info to owning this boat?


Any words of wisdom are welcome from anyone as well!  Lol




Rising Contributor
Welcome to the forum.

Enjoy your new boat.

Assuming this is the first boat ownership, then the Chapman Piloting, frequently referred to as the "Bible of Boating" has wide ranging information and is a great starting point, even on the used prior editions.

ALWAYS carry the FULL complement of required / suggested safety equipment w/ current date codes.

These links may have useful information.

Guest Contributor
Thank you Wingless!

Yes, first boat ownership. I just ordered my copy of the Chapman Piloting book!

The downloads are very helpful as well.

Thanks again.

Guest Contributor
A USCG approved or Auxiliary CG safety class would also be a good idea. There are courses that take several hours to several days. So many boaters on the water don’t have any idea of even the basic rules of navigation.