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Wiring colour code

Guest Contributor

As I continue my rewiring project, I'm down to four (original) wires in a Sea Ray harness, all four of unknown purpose.

All enter the harness and then disappear into the hull, going .. who knows where.   They are

Blue with white stripe 

Green with white stripe

Orange with red stripe 

Orange with grey stripe 

Any hints, thoughts or guesses appreciated.




Guest Contributor

Do they heard toward the front of the boat or the rear? You could use a tone generator to try following the wire.

Guest Contributor

Thanks for the thought!

I'm not sure if the harness goes forward or aft; it kind of disappears straight down and who knows where things go from there.

It occurs to me that they may not go anywhere.  My boat was repowered, from a Mercury to a Volvo.  These may very well be wires left over from the Mercury.  Certainly, there's not a whole lot of electrical on this boat.  And there's a switch on or under  the dash for everything I can see, and a wire connected to each switch.  So I may be searching for something that just isn't there.