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There are other resources for parts....

Guest Contributor

There are other resources for parts.  Here is how the system works........


Sea Ray only manufactures the fiberglass parts of the boat and some upholstery items.  The factory only stocks parts that are used on the models currently in production.  While your boat may be out of production, the parts you need may still be used on another current model so the part will be in inventory at the factory. The factory only sells bots and parts to the dealers so the only way you can get a factory part is thru your local dealer. 


Since the factory only makes fiberglass parts, everything else used in building the boats comes from outside vendors like Mercruiser, Perko, Groco, Attwood, TACO, Dometic, etc. The outside vendors have sourcing agreements that prevent them from selling Sea Ray parts directly to customers. However, almost everything on the boat purchased from an outside vendor is available in the open market but it will not have a Sea Ray logo on it. Finding a particular part sometimes takes some searching, but if you have been around these boats a while, you kind of know where to look.  Your clips, latches and hinges, for example, in all likelihood came from Perko. 


Another very good source for Sea Ray items is Flounder Pounder Marine, a liquidator of excess inventory from Sea Ray, Boston Whaler, Maverick, Hewes, etc.  Their Sea Ray inventory is huge, so they have a separate website for Sea Ray parts: 


For anything electronic, particularly on an older boat, consider replacing rather then repairing it. Just find a depth finder that will fit your panel and replace it. 


In summary, your dealer is the gold standard for parts because they have the resources to find the exact vendor and part number needed. If you live too far away from a dealer, there are several dealers who will sell parts and ship them to you.  Some parts are high when purchased thru the dealers, however, my experience is that Sea Ray/Brunswick buys in such a huge volume that even with the added mark-up and shipping, a lot of things are cheaper  from the dealer than your local West Marine or favorite online vendor. I always check with my dealer first.


Hope that helps and enjoy your new (to you) boat...................