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I have slow drip coming from the...

Guest Contributor

I have slow drip coming from the headliner above the salon in 2017 Sundancer Coupe. The pieces fit together like a puzzle. Does anyone have experience pulling down the headliner and recaulking the wiper base? Perhaps better off taking it to the dealer and letting them fix it. Leaks are not covered after three years but can’t imagine they would charge much, if anything at all.  I had a leak there three years that was fixed but has resurfaced. Thanks.


Rising Contributor
Aren't the wiper motors accessed by removal of these pushed-in plugs on the 350 Coupe?

Guest Contributor
This problem occurred the first year I had the boat and the dealer dropped the headliner to recaulk around the base of the motor of the wiper. I am assuming the drip is coming from the same place. Stanchions were all recaulked last year.