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Trying to get the A/C working in...

Guest Contributor

Trying to get the A/C working in my 2003 Sundancer 240DA and am not finding a lot information out there at all.  I did find the parts in the parts manual, but no diagrams as to where everything is located.  Anyway, I did find the A/C compressor behind the aft cabin wall after pulling the intake vent.  The unit is actually about 1.5 feet aft of the opening and all of the water connections, blower connection, etc. are on the back side of the unit.  For the life of me, I'm not sure how to even go about getting to it since it is located under the helm.  Maybe the starboard panel where the intake vent is located comes out?  I need to go back and see.  


The pump runs, water is discharged out the side and the blower is strong.  It just runs for about 5 to 10 minutes blowing room temp air and then turns off and throws a LO/PS error code.  From what I have been reading, that means it is low on refrigerant.  Since it is an older unit probably still running R22, an option is to replace it, but that again goes back down to access.  If anyone is familiar with this model and A/C unit or has any documentation as to the layout for the A/C system, please point me in the direction where I may be able to find it.  I am trying to become as familiar as I can with this so that I make better decisions on what to do.  Attached is a picture of the unit (I think it is a Cruisair Stowaway SXF5).  Thanks in advance!


Guest Contributor


I have a 2008 240 and pulled the panels when did some floor work and cleaning. To remove the panel that is in front of the unit I had to unfasten several L brackets that were on the backside of the panel. They were a gray plastic and had 2 screws holding them down. I don't remember it exactly but I believe there were 2 on the floor and 2 on top. They were not easy to unscrew.

Also look from some plastic caps along the top or bottom that would cover screws.

It appears you have the access panel out so you should be able to find what is holding it in place.

Good luck