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Additional info- I disconnected...

Guest Contributor

Additional info- I disconnected Shore Power physically and started the Gen., same issue and loaded Gen. significantly when AC kicked in just before tripping Main in MDP. Again no AC Relay/Pump Breaker or AC Breakers tripped in MDP. Why wouldn't the Salon AC Breaker trip in the MDP in lieu of the Main? I've read conflicting info about a bad Pump causing this issue that is partially substantiated by the Forward AC running without tripping the Main however, why wouldn't the Salon AC perform the same way? The conflicting info is the some Vessels Pumps were at some point potentially wired direct to the Main in the MDP for that side. This would cause the Main to trip perhaps but defeat the purpose of a Relay right? 


Guest Contributor
I ran into the same problem on my 450. One thin to check and it is very simple, There is a box before the a/c which connects the display to the actual a/c unit Shut the breakers and clean all the contacts here with electronics cleaner and make sure connections are clean and tight, Mine were loose and very corroded. This caused my system to short.