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Alarm underway

Guest Contributor

We have a 2017 280 Sundancer and an alarm sounds while on throttle.   It shuts off when backing off throttle.   Any advise on what or why this is?    Sounds when traveling 28+mph/3800+rpm’s.   Does not sound when planning out at 25mph


Rising Contributor

Welcome to the forum.

Is there any indication of the alarm source? My 2000 380DA included a status display that showed the alarm source.

When my boat was young I had random engine alarms, that I verified to be false using mechanical gauges temporarily installed on the engines. I discovered the problem to be the push on switch transducer wiring on my Mercruiser engines having gone flaky. I snipped off those right angle push on connectors and replaced w/ properly-sized, properly-crimped ring tongue connectors, retained to the existing threaded electrical post w/ correctly-sized washers, lock washers and nuts. This has remained problem free since the repair / upgrade.

Guest Contributor

Long shot - Is there a forward bilge, high water alarm. I had a situation where engine bilge water, below the level to trigger that float switch, would surge forward as I got up on plane, in to the forward compartment which has an auto only bilge pump hooked to a dash alarm. That pump wasnt working properly so the alarm sounded until the water drained aft in to the engine bilge. The digital dash shows forward high water alarm, but am usually on a chart page when underway...