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Guest Contributor
I have a 1999, 27' SeaRay Sundancer with twin 4.3 liter V-6 two barrel carb Mercruiser engines. (OL serial numbers).
I have an intermittent alarm with no aparent pattern. Last weekend it did chirp three in a row one time. My temp gauge reads about 170 degrees so I don't think I am overheating. My oil pressure is reading about 60 so I think I have good pressure. My drive oil is at the full line on the reservoir so I think I have a good fluid level. The alarm does not seem to sound when traveling at no wake speed. It chirps when up on plane and chirped once last weekend when I came off plane. There was zero water in the bilge so it wouldn't seem like it's the high water alarm but I have not investigated this idea yet as I do not know how I might test this. The engine RPM is not being reduced by any engine management system. The engines sound good and seem to run strong. I'm at a loss to find the problem. The worry is that perhaps the oil pressure switch might deactivate that purple wire and shut down the fuel pump and, of course, the alarm is annoying. What's it trying to tell me?

Guest Contributor
I have a 2003 182 SRX SeaRay with the very same alarm chirping for no apparent reason.  So disappointed with lack of answers or suggestions on this sight!  Did you ever resolve the problem?