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What topic would you like to know more about? Wax Boat

I just purchased a 2007 Sea Ray 310 Sundancer.  Previous owner kept boat in immaculate condition and I plan on doing the same.  Question, does anyone have any recommendations on what wax to use prior to boat going in the water in the spring.  Also, w...

JohnnyD by Guest Contributor
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Any Westerbeke diesel experts?...

Any Westerbeke diesel experts?  I have an 8kw and it is hard to start.  After starting takes full load well and runs great.  2000 hours.  I heat glow plus for 10seconds then crank for about 5 seconds.  Nothing.  Hold heaters on for another 15 seconds...

replacing the bilge pump

Ok, found my float switch was bad so, I replaced it and purched a new 1100 gph pump.  The blue base of the pump is a little different but for some reason when I left the float switch the pump runs but just won't pump the water out.  So, I took the pu...

Chillin by Guest Contributor
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bilge pump issues

I have a 2002 260 Sundancer.  The bilge has water just above the red & white pump.  When I turn the pump on via the main console the light comes on but no sound and the pump does nothing.  I'm going to pump out all of the water from the bilge.  What ...

Chillin by Guest Contributor
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stern drives gauge is stuck in the up position

My stern gauge needle is stuck in the up position always now.  But the stern drive is going up and down via the switch.  But I can tell it's not coming all the way up 100%.  Any clues to what has happen here before I Break Out Another Thousand?

Chillin by Guest Contributor
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I have a Sea Ray 510 2001. The...

I have a Sea Ray 510 2001. The Fuel fill hoses/vent hoses have never been replaced and I know eventually that will need to be done. Has anyone had to go through the process. It looks like part of the Salon interior needs to come out to access the tan...