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Good morning everyone.I purchased...

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Good morning everyone.

I purchased a 2000 290 Sundancer in 2018.  I have a small leak in my thru hull where the transducer is installed and will need to fix but looking at possibly upgrading/replacing the existing transducer so I can also read water temperature.  Ideally, would like to find a transducer that will fit in the existing hole. I have been trying to figure out and find information on the original transducer.  I believe it's an Airmar transducer but not sure if I'm 100% correct on this.  I realize I may have to replace my existing Lowrance 3500 depth gauge and I also have a Garmin chart plotter that I use but I don't always plug it in since I boat on a lake and don't really need it during the day.  Would like the flexibility of using a dedicated gauge but then also read the information on my chart plotter when I plug it in.  Any information anyone may have on this and suggestions of possible replacements would be greatly appreciated and thank you all in advance for your help.


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If you have a manual for the boat the OEM parts are typically listed but more than likely it was changed out when replaced with the Garmin. Not certain if the transducer would have been replaced; some use existing transducer when upgrading the chartplotter.
If the existing is an AIRMAR you will be able to most likely replace the transducer without having to go on the hard. The transducer will have to be connected to the MFD. If you have the SmartCraft VesselView you will be able to get the temp and depth without using the MFD. , assuming it is also connected to the backbone.

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PJS, I appreciate the input.