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Help with understanding construction of back seat of 1994 Ski Ray boat for upholstery?

Guest Contributor

I am wondering if anyone has this boat.  I starting out some upholstry for a guy that has a 1994 Ski Ray boat.  He had the engine cover reupholstered and is very unhappy.  I took a look at it and think I can help him.  He also gave me two sets of boards and 6 pieces of foam - three for each side and I am to make back seat cushions.  Didn't think much about it until I started to dig deep.  I have no idea how these two "L" shaped boards are to be covered.  I have asked and not getting anywhere.  The wood itself has markings on it "foam side" and "hinge".  The upholstry is white vinyl with a cording that looks like on the top and along the center where you rest your back.  Then the section in the middle.  How does that attach?  Is there a hinge?  I have no idea and he is getting really upset with me.  I can work with the engine cover, although I am just starting out and made the mistake on not asking him half down for supplies.  I see on the inside of the engine cover there is a round circle toward the top. There is no opening on the top of the vinyl so I have no idea of this is supposed to be covered or not.  I am ready to just give it all back to him and say forget it.  I have called dealers and also the factory with no help.  I have also joined vintage boating and boat upholstery groups on Facebook, also a dead end.    Is there anyone out there knowing what I am talking about?  I did upholstry on sailboats so I am not familiar that much with ski boats.  I am not having luck uploading photos.  It has not been a good computer day.  Here are stock photos of what I am dealing with.  My phone is crashed as well as my laptop.  And Photoshop crashes every time I open a photo on my desktop.  Time to go garden.stock photo of his back seat.  He is not interested in keeping the cup holders.stock photo of his back seat. He is not interested in keeping the cup holders.This is his boat.This is his boat.