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I am doing a major overhaul on...

Guest Contributor

I am doing a major overhaul on a 1989 340EC, restoring it to its former glory. Centre of attention at the moment, is the battery charging system. Originally, according to documentation, it had a "professional mariner - Pro 40/60" installed. No sign of that one anymore. Instead a Mickey Mouse car battery charger, which is totally inadequate. Replacing it with a Sterling Power Pro Charge Ultra 25. I have four batteries, arranged in two banks. I have been told, connecting is easy. Just run suitable leads from the Pro to the +terminals of each battery, connect -terminal, and use AC breaker on AC panel for the power supply to the unit. No need to disconnect shore power when starting engines either. Is it this simple? Does anybody know or have any experience with it?


Rising Contributor
Attaining functionality is easy.

The better path is meeting / exceeding all the ABYC standards.

For example, there is no reason to run the charger leads to the battery terminals. On boats w/ a history of modifications there is frequently already a rats nest of wires on the battery terminals that can violate ABYC.

Get the standard and comply w/ all the applicable parts.

Guest Contributor
i battery is for gennie one for each motor and 3ed helps start the other 2 i bought a pro charger 10 years ago and is still going strong 20 amp

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No generator. I think they don't export to Europe with generators. AC panel converted to 240V but they stop there. So, starter battery for each engine and aux battery in parallel with each of them. I think accessories are distributed across the two banks. So, did you run a pos lead to each bank of batteries and that's it?. Pro looks so professional! Thanks for your reaction.