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SLX250 Swim platform wiring connector location

Guest Contributor

I have an accessory switch installed at the helm which is wired up for the hydraulic swim platform option aft at the transom (switch connection installed at the fuse block under the helm), only the option itself was not installed. With the wiring in place, I am looking to use the accessory switch at the helm for another couple of lights aft. From the wiring diagram there is a deutsch connector labelled 'AK3 swim platform harness'. I'm hoping this is located somewhere aft, perhaps on the starboard side where the swim platform control switch is usually installed at the walkway. I didn't find anything looking round the engine bay.
Does anyone have an idea on the physical wiring and connector location?


Guest Contributor

This isnt going to be super helpful. But on the 350 SLX the connector is aft, between the engines, the harness splits to the switch on the starboard side walk thru and the the trim pump located outboard of the port engine.

On mine, the connector has a handwritten A3X (per the wiring diagram) and a paper tag referencing 'mercury submersible platform. Also see that it is a 6 way connector (5 used) which might be bigger than you are expecting.


Guest Contributor

Thanks CommanderB. Having scanned the engine bay further, I have found a deutsch (2 pin) connector B4A, which is intended for the hatch actuator. The switch would be located at the helm, but is also an option not installed - the switch position is blanked out. But as with the swim platform, there is a wire to the fuse box. Now I just need to figure out if the wiring is actually routed to the helm and then potentially hook-up my active accessory switch to it.