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We have a 1997 185BR. Where could...

Guest Contributor

We have a 1997 185BR. Where could I find or have the bucket seats and rear bench seat backrest covers fabricated or  ready made with the SeaRay emblem? This boat is 95 percent restored and those are throwing a monkey wrench in the works. 

                                                  Thanks for any info!


Rising Contributor
Welcome to the forum.

My suggestion would be to bring sections of the existing fabric to someone who does computer embroidery with a logo file, showing them the approximate locations and sizes.

My very strong suggestion is to select / specify a thread that is impervious to sunlight.

When I created my custom enclosure I used Gore Tenara PTFE thread so that it would outlast the fabric.

Guest Contributor
Thank you for that suggestion wingless! I didn't think of that but will definitely go that route, since I am trying to keep the OEM look. 🙂