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New Norwegian SeaRay owner searching for other SeaRay owners in Norway

Guest Contributor

Hello everyone.

We just bought a 1995 Sea Ray 400 Express Cruiser and would like to get in touch with other sea Ray owners in Norway that has Sea Ray...

I grew up with boats, and now i finally got my SeaRay

Rising Contributor

Welcome to the forum.

Good luck with your new boat. Why not share some images?

How long is the boating season in your part of Norway? The year-round season is nice for my 2000 380DA in southern Florida. When I was a New England boater I would push the season, trying not to slip on the ice when cleaning the boat.

Hope you connect w/ other Norwegian Sea Ray owners...

Thank you 🙂  

I will try to get som pictures and share them here .

The season in Norway if often short, but we keep the boat on water all year, even when its ice. We just use a propeller or a submersible pump to keep sirkulasjon in the water around the boat.


I grew up with boats, and now i finally got my SeaRay