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Just bought a 2018 190 SPX with...

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Just bought a 2018 190 SPX with a Mercury 150 Four Stroke. Just took it out for the first time and it seems there is very little trim adjustment. As soon as I trim up from full down, the gauge barely moves, I start getting cavitation. IS this typical for the 190 SPX?


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I have a 2016 190 SPX, but mine is a stern drive. The trim switch has two levels. When you press it at first, it will only trim so far. Then you have to press it in harder, it clicks in, and it will trim further. That said, the hull design seems to really only benefit from a very small amount of trim, and then I get cavitation as well.

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What did the dealer say about the gauge malfunction? Surely under warranty right?

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This was a concern for me with my 2015 19SPX OB. They replaced the gauge, but it shows the same issue. It seems that the gauge is calibrated for full travel. As such there isn't much movement on the gauge when trimming. Anymore I just trim by boat feel.

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What EricN said is true, but the first level of adjustment is the only portion truly for trim. The second level of adjustment is for, as CaseyG calls it, full travel. The motor should only be run, other than at slight idle, in the true trim range. It sounds like your boat wants to run all the way down, without being trimmed up. Perhaps there would be more adjustment with a varied load, speed, and wave conditions . . .

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This is from my response on the clubsearay forum addressing certain trim issues on our boat. You may want to check out the thread as it is a good source of info on our particular model boat. "Fourth hole from top is where SR here in the States says it SHOULD be mounted.(SR bulletin SR 17-06) Mine was mounted lower and I received the bulletin to have it corrected. Several 190 SPX owners here with the 150 OB positioned "the way it should be" have had similar trim issues as you are experiencing. I do not! So I'm leaving mine as is. Which is 2 positions lower in the water. If your unhappy with the performance you may want to have your outboard lowered. SR stated this was not a safety reason for the bulletin, but a "performance" related bulletin. I'm very happy with the way my boat performs. On another note, this is my 4th SR and NONE of them liked trim. Keep trim fully down, pop up on plane, adjust a tad if needed. Good luck, Brian

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One this model with an outboard, there simply isn't much trim adjustment available. Therefore the gauge moves very little. That does not mean the gauge is malfunctioning, it isn't. Perhaps a gauge that is calibrated differently would be a better option from Searay, but that is another matter altogether.

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Just got a 18 spx 210. That was the first thing I noticed when test driving it. Like 1 or 2 little bumps on the trim and that it...any more and it sounds like it wasn't to start cavitating. Gonna look into it more about how high or low its mounted.