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New 2021 SPX 190 Owner Question

Guest Contributor

I am a new 2021 SPX 190 (w/ Inboard/Outboard) Owner (and a new boat owner in general) and I was wondering if there were any owners of the SPX 190 that had tips on things that we need to be aware of or look out for (i.e. warnings sounds, hints, tips, etc.) as a new owner? I know this is a general question, but any information would be helpful. Thank you and happy to have joined the club!


Guest Contributor

Just realized this post is a few months old but ill leave it up anyways.

I just bought a brokerage 18  SPX 210 outboard model. One thing I noticed that probably will be the same for the I/O is that the base plate for the ski tow pole is completely rusted junk. I guess they dont have any seal between the boat and the pole and water just runs down it to the base. That base piece appears to be raw steel.

Another thing I noticed that is also a design flaw IMO is that that the deck is not self bailing. It all empties into bilge area. If your not paying attention and your bilge isn't working like mine wasn't you it can fill up with water fast. I'm in a covered high and dry. Most peole don't even take their plugs out. on the OB version there is a little fake floor hiding the bilge area. From just two washings that area was already half filled before I noticed. I thinking of putting a through hull and trying to make it self bailing. Not sure if I would have to go below the water line or not.

Also the 50a fuse in the battery compartment is in a awful position and the poles are starting to rust. Might relocate that or put it in a water tight box and remount it.

Since yours is a 190 a I/O and newer you may not have these issues.