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Just got a 2022 SDX 270 and putting...

Guest Contributor

Just got a 2022 SDX 270 and putting up the Bimini for the 1st time was very difficult. How long does it take for the canvass to stretch so its not so difficult. Thought I was going to bend something when I did it last Sunday. I hope its easier this weekend.


Rising Contributor
Welcome to the forum.

Good luck w/ your new boat.

The canvas installation should not be at the "bend something" effort level.

The support frame has sliding adjustment points, shown in the image, that may be moved after loosening an Allen head set screw so the frame will work for smaller / larger canvas fitment.

The canvas won't change much w/ time or w/ heat / sun. The Eisinglass windows are a different story. Those stretch for better fitment during a sunny day.

Please report on results.

Guest Contributor
It's does get easier over time with more reps. Just make sure you get the front poles in first and then zip the front end up, move to the back and put strong pressure on the tension poles to lock into place. I found that the tension poles do break-in and get a little easier to lock / unlock (in second season with my boat and it's a snap now). Good luck with it and enjoy the boat.

Guest Contributor
Thank you. Was easier this past weekend.