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SDX 270 draft

Guest Contributor

Hi folks, I’m new to this so would appreciate any help. On my 2018 SDX 270 OB, the manual seems to show  the transducer at the very bottom of the hull. So if my draft is 3’ w/ engine down and 2’ with trim up, does that mean 1’ foot of water on my depth finder = the 1’ my prop extends beyond the hull bottom? I’m not planning g to push the limit, I’m just trying to understand my depth finder reading relative to my maximum 3’ draft. Thanks in advance!


Rising Contributor

My personal preference is to adjust the depth sounder offset so the display shows 0 when touching (below the transducer). That makes the most sense to me.

Others like to have the offset show the water depth (above the transducer). They then calculate mentally the difference for the required clearance.

Guest Contributor

Agree with @wingless - your prop will hit bottom when the sounder shows 1’ if the defaults are set on the MFD. Like @wingless I would set an offset in the settings section of the MFD so that zero = zero. Or maybe even add a few inches so that you dont quite hit at zero.

Guest Contributor

Thanks Guys. I did find my transducer setting and it is set for no offset - so I have 1’ to my trim down prop. I’ll probably just set my alarm well above that level to be safe. Thanks again for the inputs.