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I have a 2008 380DA that originally...

Guest Contributor

I have a 2008 380DA that originally had three Fireboy CO detectors with integrated relays for the generator to shut it down if CO was detected.  They are expired and I can't find direct replacements with the integrated relays.  All I'm finding available are detectors with a separate relay that requires interconnected wiring and mounting.  Anyone have advice?  Thanks!


Rising Contributor
Welcome to the forum.

FWIW, my 2000 380DA has two factory 12VDC CO detectors that only alarm, with zero interconnection to the generator.

The secondary generator control is a cool feature and might be required by updated ABYC regulations, but I don't have info on that requirement, if it exists.

IMO, an alarm for CO is sufficient and killing the generator is overkill.

Here is a 12V nominal CO detector w/ an integrated normally closed relay.