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Wanted to let everyone know that...

Guest Contributor

Wanted to let everyone know that we listed our 1999 560 sedan bridge for sale because we are moving to FL and I’ll boat differently there. It has the big CATs and Many upgrades throughout. Fresh water boat as well.  It’s on YachtWorld as a “new arrival”. 


Guest Contributor
I have 2000 560 and sold a customers 2001 560 Last year , they are out of Chicago and want one bad and I’m not interested in selling mine , email me the hrs ect I live on the west coast of Florida , big thing is coolers date last tested on the 3406 E on re sale , I pretty know everything else about the 560 sr , love mine they are great boats unless they got burdened with 8/92 dd , my email is [email protected]
Thx Bill Stamp

Guest Contributor
Bill, I responded via email. The link to the listing is

I have attached additional info here as well.