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Hi everybody, had my 330 express...

Guest Contributor

Hi everybody, had my 330 express cruiser winterized last fall, I am pretty handy with boats so I put all my hoses and plugs back in place but this is the first boat I have had with a generator, I believe they may have disabled the generator so it could not be started without the seacock open. Everything looks normal and I cannot figure out why it will not crank. I do hear the electric choke activating when I hit the appropriate switch


Rising Contributor
There may be switches in the salon and on the generator.

It may be that the switches at the other location must be in the correct position to permit proper operation.

It is unlikely that a seacock interlock exists. Note on my 2000 380DA the factory has a seacock interlock on the holding tank macerator discharge, but that is the only seacock w/ an interlock.

Guest Contributor
There are switches in both locations, there is no seacock interlock.

Guest Contributor
Try the switches to crank over that are on the gennie.

Guest Contributor
It can be that your carbon monoxide detector is not working this will cause the gen set not to start