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I own an ’08 Amberjack 290. I am...

Guest Contributor

I own an ’08 Amberjack 290. I am the third owner. She has twin 5.0 liter Mercruiser engines mated to Bravo 3 outdrives. According to the ECM, the starboard engine has around 500 hours on it. I had a complete loss of compression in cylinder 2 in that engine. There was a tuliped valve over cylinder 2. The head over cylinder 2 had been redone. Compression is now on spec in cylinders 2, 4, 6, and 8. There is a miss again. Cylinder 1 now has no compression. (Cylinders 3, 5, and 7 have normal compression pressures.) The intake valve in cylinder 1 is also tuliped. Is there a known cooling system, fuel system, or mechanical cause that might explain both front cylinders going south? I’m stumped!!


Rising Contributor
Hi, I own a 2003 290AJ with 2013 383 Mag Stroker's. I haven't heard of an issue on the front of the engine,but have heard of an issue on the rear two cylinders. Sorry I couldn't help. Feel free to message me on other things