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1985 360 aft cabin. Entry Hatch...

Guest Contributor

1985 360 aft cabin. Entry Hatch door hard to open. I believe the rollers are worn out. Looked everywhere for parts. No luck. Suggestions? 


Rising Contributor
Are these the parts?

Guest Contributor
Try Flounder Pounder Marine......they buy a lot of left over and obsolete parts from the Sea Ray factories, but on a 30 year old boat there isn't much chance they will have anything.

Your best bet is going to be the retail department of Teak Isle here:

Most likely, your door assembly was produced by Spartech Marine which ceased opeations in 2008. Their lead parts guy was Ben Marks who now works for Flounder Pounder., so that is a phone call worth making even though they probably won't have what you need. Ben can probably enlighten you and steer you in the right direction.

Guest Contributor
Yea, I have talked to him. I'm going to take it apart and send him pictures of the parts. Not sounding good!

Guest Contributor
my 2004 340DA cabin sliding door needed new tracks and trucks. I got them here:

Nice people, very helpful

Guest Contributor
Thank you, I was looking for tracks etc for a 1989 340 Express. Got the doors re-manufactured by a local (for me) company nr Dublin IE call APM Ltd. Nearly complete.