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Hi,I have a 2002 220 BR. The engine...

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I have a 2002 220 BR. The engine has about 380 hours. Last summer I had an issue with the gas gauge not reading correctly and couldn't put gas in without bubbling over. A new vent line, replacing the original, was installed. Problem fixed. However, after that I noticed that I was using gear oil like crazy and would have to refill the reservoir after burning 20-30 gallons of gas. It was leaking in the bilge. That was theoretically corrected with a gasket issue. Not so.In the Spring the engine was pulled and again theoretically fixed. The mechanic is trustworthy but clearly challenged with this. Now it leaks in the bilge and when starting there is a discharge of gear oil in the water. I'm taking the boat out in consideration of Mother nature.



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Gear oil inside the boat should be easy to figure out. The reservoir or hose to the fitting(plastic) which breaks easily are pretty much it. The drive leaking is a different story but a Mercruiser mechanic should be able to diagnose a leak.

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Towns out the oil in the bilge was power steering fluid. However, gear oil was leaking from the stern drive.
Time to replace it.
Everything else is in good shape and the engine has just under 450 hours. There was a comment on the thread about older Sea Rays seemed to have better quality. I see that with mine.
Thanks for your help.