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I have not been able to even bring...

Guest Contributor

I have not been able to even bring my boat in for service and warranty work at my local SeRay dealer here in Virginia Beach as they are so busy.  I have been trying to get an appointment for service for over 2 months I contacted SeaRay directly and they are trying to contact the dealer for me.  So far, no luck.  Very frustrating... 


Guest Contributor
We are 2 owners of lemon Boats...No... Watermelon boats!!

Guest Contributor
I tried to get my local MarineMax dealer to repair a leaking outdrive bellows (boats taking on water) on my 2007 260 SD. Their reply... maybe next year! Apparently they are prioritizing SeaRays newer than 10 years old.

Guest Contributor
Bellows replacement is pretty standard maintenance on an OD. Any decent marine mechanic should be able to accomplish it. The process should also include gimbal bearing and shift cable replacement at the same time.

Guest Contributor
Probably less $$$ as well.