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Trouble putting gas in my SPX 19

Guest Contributor

I can't seem to get my boat to take fuel when I use a pump at the gas station.  I have checked the vent and vent screen and there appears to be no obstruction.  When I try to fuel, the gas pump repeatedly shuts off apparently because the fuel is backing up.  I suspect there might be a problem with the fuel input control valve in the gas hose but I don't know why this problem continues.  The only way I can fuel is to just barely squeeze the pump and let a trickle of gas go in.  Even then, it will shut off after a little bit.  Any ideas?  


Guest Contributor

My 185 Sport (which is the predecessor to the SPX 19) had a similar issue, though maybe not as extreme. I had to have the fill nozzle in exactly the right angle to be able to fill. For me the nozzle had to be pointing forward and just below horizontal. Inserted and held that way allowed me to fill at almost full squeeze on the trigger.

Thanks!  I have tried putting the fuel nozzle in various angles and depths but that hasn't  resolve the issue.  I appreciate your suggestion and quick response.


Guest Contributor

I had the same issue in 2020 on a 2002 220 bowrider. The solution was a new fuel filler line and a new and separate vent from the original mfg. No more issues.