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1995 Sundancer 300 Ground Wire Size

Guest Contributor

Hi everyone,

Wondering if anyone knows what the wire size is for the green ground bonding wires on a 95' Sundancer 300?  My bonding ring lug for the stern anode broke off and I'm looking to replace the wire and the ring lug.  I looked on the wires I could see and none had the AWG indicated.

If anyone happens to know the screw size and pitch for the grounding bus bars that would be a great bonus help as well.

Thank you in advance.


Rising Contributor

Welcome to the forum.

According to ABYC E-2 the green bonding wire must be at least 8 AWG. I always meet or exceed ABYC whenever I repair / maintain / upgrade my boat.

My speculation / memory is that the grounding bus screw size is 6-32. That should be easy to verify on your boat.

Remember that those wires must be installed using correctly-sized ring tongue terminals. The ring tongue terminal wire barrel must match the wire gauge. The ring tongue hole diameter must match the screw diameter.

Always, always, always use marine grade terminals that are properly crimped w/ a double crimp tool.

Here are several of my crimp tools.






Rising Contributor

Doesn't your stern transom anode have a pair of studs protruding through the transom, each with a green bonding wire attached?

Given that those studs are underwater, replacing the broken wire is a project that will be implemented after the boat is hauled.

Note that whenever I do boat wiring, I use my label maker to label both ends of each wire, similar but better than what is done by the factory when they build the boat.

Guest Contributor

That is correct.  It has two bronze bolts which went thru the transom. The boat is in storage from the winter still. Interestingly, only one of the two had a wire and ring terminal.  The other nothing.  I'm going to put a ring terminal and wire on both and take them back to the same ground bus.  I was planning to seal it with 4200.  How tight should the bolts/nut be?  I figured snug, but not to get carried away since it is a thru hole and is fiberglass.