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Good Morning from Washington State!New...

Guest Contributor

Good Morning from Washington State!

New Member and am excited to learn more about the boat we just bought.

It's a 1978 SR220 OV Hard Top with a 351 OMC.

My wife and I are quickly are falling in love with our boat as we are recent empty-nesters and plan enjoying more time out on the waters. I'm looking to see if anyone might have any copies or owners, parts or user manuals of this boat? I've started to realized that still trying to get documentation this far back is almost next to impossible...... So, I thought I'd try the group and see what kind of success I have. Looking forward to posting pictures as we go thru this ol' girl and resurrect it! 

Thank you for your help!


Rising Contributor
Welcome to the forum.

Great to hear about your boat enjoyment.

Start w/ the Tech Resources on this site.

Here is the brochure for your boat.

Guest Contributor
Thank you for the quick response! Looking forward to sharing updates as I go thru our boat!