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I have a 2006 205 Sport with a...

Guest Contributor

I have a 2006 205 Sport with a 5.0 L MerCruiser Chevy engine that was purchased new.  Recently when we were just on the water I found that the engine had blown a drain plug out of the side of the engine block.  Obviously it was blowing water and the pump started pumping water out the side, or I wouldn't even have known the problem.  Since I didn't have any spare drain plugs, this ended our day.  After purchasing and installing the plug, everything is now fine and running smoothly.

My question is why it happened, and can I expect it to happen again?  I thought maybe since the plugs were plastic that they deteriorate over time and I should replace all of them.  Anyone else experience this or have any thoughts?

Thank you,


Guest Contributor
Yes they can deteriate overtime to some degree, but more likely was cross threaded at some point. I remove mine quite often when I flush and drain so I always keep new spares

Rising Contributor
My blue plastic Mercruiser raw water exhaust drain plug thumb screws are removed and replaced after every usage and have been holding up great over three years so far.

Guest Contributor

Hi All,

 Where are the engine drain plugs on my 2002 220 bowrider 5.0 Mercruiser?

It's been a few years since I was on the forum, so I appreciate your help.