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I have a 2006 250 slx. The boat...

Guest Contributor

I have a 2006 250 slx. The boat still looks like new but now time to replace the snap in carpet. I find on line a lot of options but not for this boat? This the first year for the 250SLX, Any help appreciated.




Rising Contributor
One option ti to order a replacement from the dealership. A snap tool and snaps are required to complete the installation.

Another option is to get a canvas shop to make the replacement.

This is a very easy part that could be fabricated by anyone that can use a sewing machine.

Guest Contributor
I replaced my carpet with Infinity Carpet, teak look this year. Because I had my existing carpet, it was easy to send my carpet to the canvas shop in a different state, and they used them as templates. Infinity is a woven vinyl. It works great in the fact that it doesn't hold moisture and dries almost instantly. Plus the backing isn't that black stuff that ends up shredding up. Check it out. I believe another manufacturer of the similar style is Corinthian. You will have to install the snaps yourself which isn't a big deal.

Guest Contributor
Corinthian Marine Carpets is a great company to work with. If you prefer carpeting, they are a real carpet mill and offer about every flavor under the sun. An advantage to using Corinthian is that they use a PVC backing that doesn't degrade and stick to the deck like the black latex on the cheap OEM caroets. They also offer several differnt types and quality levels of edge binding.

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check RNR Marine. They have OEM templates for a wide array of carpet, canvas, etc. We ordered all of our canvas for our 240 sundeck. Made through Great Lakes but a fraction of the cost that Great Lakes charges. All to spec.

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I stayed away from carpet in our 2006 250 SLX. We used a plastic in ours that is amazing. It was the almost the same color as stock. It has snap in/snap out. We removed the original and went with this instead. Carpet tends to smell musky after awhile. This stuff is used is dog kennels and is stain resistant. We spilled strawberry margarita in it and it washed off.

Guest Contributor
Sounds like a good alternative. What is the name of the product?