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I have a 2018 spx210 and cant find...

Guest Contributor

I have a 2018 spx210 and cant find out if my boat has an automatic bilge pump. Can anyone let me know how i  can find out?


Guest Contributor
I'd be surprised if it didn't have an automatic bilge pump. However, the easiest and, IMO, best way to check your auto bilge pump is to run a garden hose in the bilge at low pressure the next time you have it on the trailer. If after a few minutes the pump doesn't operate you had best look into fixing it.

Guest Contributor
Good advice. I'd also suggest that you make sure the area around the bilge is free of anything that could clog the pump. Also run the hose from the drain port back to the bilge pump to make sure that line is clear.

Guest Contributor
The garden hose is the best way to check it. On mine, there has to be at least about 2-3 inches of water in the bilge before it comes on.
I have a 2018 SPX230. Our pump worked when turned on with the switch but not automatically with the batteries turned off. Turned out to be a wire that connects the float switch directly to the batteries that was never connected. I found it laying on the floor between the batteries.