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I have a well maintained 2018 with Zues Pods. After 4 years and less than 300 hours I'm being told by mechanic we need to replace the pods. Have checked and what the mechanic is tell us is legit. Anyone else having similar issues?

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What is the fault dictating the replacement? Is it physical damage? Is it corrosion, such as from electrolysis?

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I had the pods on a 2016 450 Sundancer. Needed major maintenance work on both pods because gaskets eroded allowing salt water into the gears. Was told by mechanic that gaskets needed to be replaced every 3 to 4 years. Actually got rid of the boat because I didn’t want the significant maintenance bill every 3-4 years and also have the boat out of the water being repaired for extended periods.

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Find a Safe Harbor Marina & have them take a look at it.