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wiper motor access?

Guest Contributor

I I have a 2019 sundancer 460 and I need to replace the starboard wiper motor. In the forward stateroom bedroom I removed the ceiling light and I can see the motor but the light opening is only two inches around. Is there a way to remove that ceiling panel. I tried pulling it down thinking maybe it was held by clips but it doesn’t budge. Anyone know how to access it?


Rising Contributor

Welcome to the forum.

The headliner is a plywood panel, covered in padded fabric, glued to the plywood.

There are perimeter screws to retain the plywood to the ceiling. Sometimes there are screws placed closely together.

The screws are covered w/ the padded fabric. That padded fabric is not glued to the plywood at the screw locations. The padded fabric is just pulled to cover the screws and tucked into the gap.

The best / only way to locate the screws is to push against the padded fabric to feel the screw heads, then pull back the fabric to expose the screws for removal.