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2012 SLX 250 - Windlass Installation

Guest Contributor

Hello all. I recently purchased a 250SLX and would like to install a Windlass. I purchased an Articulated Bow Roller, similar to those used on factory installed Windlass for this boat. I have a couple of questions about mounting the Bow Roller.

1. The surface of the bow is textured and has a slight curvature, when I lay the Bow Roller on the surface of the bow it does not sit completely flat on the bow. How do I compensate for the different surface profiles between the Bow Roller and Bow?

2. The Bow Roller extends beyond the bow and onto the anchor locker cover. I've seen photos of factory installed Windlass and they have the same condition. I could push the Bow Roller forward to prevent the overlap, however this would prevent me from being able to install the 2 front screws in the Bow Roller. Any opinions on covering the anchor locker cover with the Bow Roller?

Any Advice would be appreciated