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Hello all,I am looking for feedback...

Guest Contributor

Hello all,

I am looking for feedback from all SPX 21 OB owners with the Mercury Verado 200. 

I just took delivery of this new boat a few weeks ago and from all I have read and research, I don’t believe that my wide open RPM’s are anywhere near what is published. 

Can anyone with the same boat share their wide open RPM and speed. 

Much thanks in advance for sharing your input. 





Rising Contributor

Welcome to the forum.

The VERY BEST practice is to follow the manufacturer's documentation, such as from the correct Factory Service Manual.

It is also BEST to use an instrument to read RPM, not just the dash gauge.

Here is a link showing WOT to be 5,800-6,400 rpm.

In almost all cases the incorrect / lesser WOT is caused by marine growth on the hull. In ALL cases the hull should be clean, clean, clean before touching the WOT.

Assuming a correctly operating engine and clean hull, then WOT can be adjusted by changing the propeller pitch.