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250SLX floor hatch warped

Guest Contributor

The hatch cover in the floor of my 250SLX is warped and rises in one corner towards the rear latch lock about a quarter of an inch. I have tightened the latch lock as far as the play allows. Any further attempted adjustment to the lock is not an option, as the strain on the hinge joints at the rear would be too high in my opinion.

Anyone know if it is possible to correct the warped surface? On top is the teak finish in very good condition.


Rising Contributor

Why not just carefully trim the hatch lip edge, so the part that contacts too soon, preventing additional closing, will contact later, so the too high corner will drop further?

Another option is to shim or shift the hinge side so the entire panel now has a slightly different orientation.

There is no way to alter the panel to remove the "warp".

Guest Contributor

Thanks wingless! Those are good ideas. I will take a closer look at the hinges to see what 'room for adjustment' there is.

I do wonder why such a construction warps, or whether it was a manufacturing flaw.....