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I have a 1999 Sundancer 400 and...

I have a 1999 Sundancer 400 and my "cherry wood" finish is becoming cloudy in spots.  Any ideas on what is causing this, can it be "reversed", or how to prevent it from continuing.  Thanks in advance.

Bryan_B by Guest Contributor
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Cabin refrigerator

I have a 2006 340 Sundancer. The boat has a cockpit refrigerator and the cabin refrigerator. When I'm not running the gen the cabin unit starts to defrost and the dealer is telling me that the batteries can't handle both units without the gen, howeve...

Paperboy1 by Guest Contributor
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electrical repair

The port engine ignition alarm/buzzer is no longer working. Does anyone know where the buzzer is located, so I can check it to see if this is where the failure is at. The vessel is a 2000 340 sundancer, twin engine. Thanks

We've got a 97 440 Express Bridge,...

We've got a 97 440 Express Bridge, one of the lights in the master head is burned out, how do I remove the cover to get at the bulb? Maybe a dumb question, but I've tried twisting and gently prying, I don't want to damage the cover or the surrounding...

I want to give a HUGE shout out...

I want to give a HUGE shout out to the Prince William Marina Service Department. Mark and Mike really know how to take care of "family".We were preparing to leave yesterday for a 3 day trip. I started the generator and after a few seconds, it would ...

Jaybeaux by Guest Contributor
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