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Hi everyone, I have a 2002 Sea...

Guest Contributor

Hi everyone,

 I have a 2002 Sea Ray 220 Bowrider. Recently, I've had to fill with fuel even more slowly than ever and still encountered bubbling as if overfilling. The gas gauge was not reading accurately, however it had been before. I replaced the sending unit and recently filled it. The gauge read full. I ran the boat for 3 hours at an average range of 10-15 mph. I have a V8 260 hp single drive with an aluminum 4 blade prop.The boat was virtually empty excepting a fuel fuel tank and combined weight of 295 lbs of people. The tank holds 45 gallons so I anticipated using at least 12 gallons so just more than a quarter of a tank. Gauge should have reflected that. It showed full.

Any thought on what the issue is fueling? Crimp in the fuel hose to the tank?

 What would cause the gauge to give me a false reading? 


Thanks everyone.



Rising Contributor
Examine the fuel hose vent. It should be internally secured to slope up, away from the tank, w/ no droops or sags. The hull vent fitting should have a screen w/o spider nest obstructions.

There are several potential electrical issues causing the fuel gauge problem, including a bad gauge, plus the sender is a mechanical device that could also be problematic.

Here is a link w/ troubleshooting:

Guest Contributor
Hi Wingless. I hoped you would jump in here. I appreciate your input. I'll keep you posted.

Guest Contributor
Mine had a mud spider nest in one vent mounted on outside of hull. Cleaned with old toothbrush and a little brake cleaner. Fixed the slow fill issue.