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Brought home our very fist boat...

Guest Contributor

Brought home our very fist boat this weekend. 2006 270 Sundeck.  Just joined and looking for lakes within a couple hundred miles of Northern Virginia other than Smith Mountain and Lake Anna.  


Guest Contributor
Don't be afraid of rivers on nice days too. Often along the rivers there are some nice restaurants/bars that are accessible by boat too.

Guest Contributor
I have a 2005 260 Sundeck. I am also in NOVA. I spent 10 years on Lake Anna (20' Wellcraft on that lake) and 16 years on Smith Mt Lake (with the SeaRay). SML is, by far, the best lake in VA. Also spent time on the Potomac River, not a fan, way too much large debris. There is also Deep Creek lake in MD, but I understand that is busier than Lake Anna and smaller. You could also try the John Kerr Reservoir on VA/NC border (also known as Buggs Island lake), but if your going that far, SML is better choice. Your 270 probably draws about 40" so be careful of where you go boating, especially with the dual props. No matter where you boat, buy charts that show you water depths and shallow areas and pay attention to your depth gauge. I highly recommend SML and get there via Route 29 through Charlottesville; much nicer ride than 81 and a lot less trucks and from Charlottesville south almost no traffic, but definitely a lot of speed traps. Good luck and safe boating.

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We were researching Deep Creek last night but based on my app the waters do look a bit shallow in many areas. I believe the max draft on this boat is 3 feet. Probably stick with Lake Anna and SML until I get more knowledgeable and experienced. Also plan to take it to Pensacola. Florida when visiting father-in-law. Hope to see you all soon on the water. Thanks for the input. -Ryan

Guest Contributor
Raystown, PA was recommended to us from a friend

we go out in Belmont Bay (Occoquan) quite often and there is a good group of people out there. The river from Occoquan to Dalgren has a few good spots and the debris is only bad after storms. Most days is great.

dislike Lake Anna as its very skinny and too crowded.

Lake Norman (Charlotte, NC) is a great location as is Lake Gaston.

Wilmington, NC offers easy to navigate intercoastal as well