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2013 SeaRay SLX 230 Tilt due to passenger seating

Guest Contributor

We love our 2013 SeaRay SLX 230 but, when we have a full boat the majority of the seating is on the port side which causes the boat to tilt to the left when cruising.  I see the leveling tabs may be an answer but wanted to ask the community if anyone has tried them for this issue?  


Rising Contributor

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Has passing out gym membership coupons to your guests been considered?

Yes trim tabs can level the boat for uneven weight distribution when underway.

Guest Contributor

That is what the trim tabs are for besides wind / sea condition. If you are in the ocean you might consider an auto retractor (I know they are made for bennett) since barnacles love to grow on that shiny metal if you forget to retract them and leave the tabs extended causing a seal failure. Don't ask how I know this.