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Question on charging batteries,....

Guest Contributor

Question on charging batteries,. I take the batteries out and store in a warm, dry place for the fall through May. Is the best practice to trickle charge during that period or just prior to putting them back for the boating season?

Thanks everyone and Happy New Year!


Guest Contributor
Charging every other month or so is beneficial.

Guest Contributor
I believe best practice is to keep them on a trickle charger. However I just leave my battery in the boat and shut off the power to it using the switch by the battery whenever the boat is going to sit longer than about two weeks. That has worked fine for me.

Guest Contributor
I have been boating for about 30 years and I remove my batteries every winter and put them on my work bench in my garage. Every weekend during winter I attach a trickle charger and charge just for the weekend. This has served me well over the years. I have two batteries in the boat I have now, so I charge one for 24 hours on Saturday and one for 24 hours on Sunday.

Guest Contributor
I have been doing this for 30+ years, I have many classic cars and treat all the batteries the same, I leave them on a Deltran battery tender all winter long. I bought the 4 battery version and attach two leads to my marine batteries and the other two leads to my classic cars. in the spring the marine batteries go in the boat, and the cars start right up. I do check the water level in the batteries about every other month.