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The black rubber backing on the...

Guest Contributor

The black rubber backing on the snap in carpets in my 180SP is braking down and turning into black dust that gets into every corner of the boat. I've had the same experience with other boats as well so this is a common issue.  I was going to go to the expense of replacing the carpets but decided to try something else first. I got a few cans of the spray rubber coating from the big box store and recoating the backing. Anyone else try that?? 


Rising Contributor
It is a real shame that the factory carpeting must be discarded because the black backing disintegrates and that the factory canvas enclosure must be discarded because the thread disintegrates.

When I examine the Sea Ray brochures, none of the feature bullet points mention disintegration when exposed to sunlight...

The material selection process is not rocket science. There are off-the-shelf materials that will provide the expected and acceptable lifetime. The factory can use their volume purchase muscle to have a negligible cost impact for selecting appropriate materials.

Guest Contributor
Had the same thing happen to my 2007 205 sport. Bought a couple quarts of Flex Seal off amazon, now sold in big box home improvement stores, and has resolved the issue. I did not have luck with some other brands of "rubberized coatings"

Guest Contributor
This is easy to solve. The Flex Seal idea seems like a good one. However, my solution was to go to a paint store or paint department (I went to Home Depot) and get a can, usually comes in gallons, of Elastimeric. This is a flexible rubber coating that I apply with a brush. It comes in several levels of elasticity. I apply several coats and reapply every few years as necessary. Works on throw rugs, too. Doesn't come off in little black balls. Try it. You'll like it.

Guest Contributor
I agree with the advice to apply elastomeric roof coatings, but first I recommend a rather tedious session with a good pressure hose. This should relieve the underside of the carpets of all the loose rubber. Allow to dry thoroughly. Then brush a good silicon-based roof coating into the hessian backing which will now be exposed. So far, perfect.

Guest Contributor
I also pressure washed. Found it to be unnecessary.

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Guest Contributor
I recently applied Flex Seal in the spray can. First, I brushed off as much of the crumbled backing as I could. Then I over sprayed the Flex Seal and spread it out using a small roller. I did a decent size section at a time. It definitely bought me a few more years.