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I have a 2016 510 that I got 2...

Guest Contributor

I have a 2016 510 that I got 2 years ago. Low hours but was a little neglected. The vinyl is cracking but the worst is the wear on the helm seat.  This seems excessive and I've heard that this was a recognized defect and that Sea Ray was performing repairs at no cost (I have not contacted them yet to inquire). Have anyone else experienced this? Any recommendations short of re-upholstery? Thanks in advance. @Paul Ferrara  (aka: Super Genius)


Rising Contributor

Thanks for the image.

The only way to restore that fabric is replacement.

The starboard side of the forward bolster has a spot that is worn all the way through to the inner layer.

100% not an expert, so contact the pros at and also contact Sea Ray to explore options.

IMO, it will never be possible to attain a complete match by just doing that worst part, but it will be sooo much better if only that bolster is reupholstered. If a complete match is required, then the entire cockpit must be done.

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Thank you! Super genius status retained.

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3 options come to mind.

1. You have already identified - upholster.

2. Make a cover to zip overtop of that bolster. Color match would be nearly impossible to attain, I would recommend a color that completely contrasts the existing while still complimenting the rest of the boat color scheme to make this option look intentional rather than as a repair.

3. Dig into the sea ray fixing it at no cost option. (my recommendation option)

That mostly looks like sun damage with the possibility of an agressive cleaner that removed some of the UV protection that should have been in it.

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[email protected] Thank you for your comments. I contacted my local dealer who contacted Sea ray and I contacted Sea Ray directly as well. No luck with either. I've got an upholstery guy coming out to give me an estimate. I agree with your assessment as to what happened. The boat pretty much sat idle by the previous owners.

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I have a 2017 510 bought new, same problem with the seat coverings. SR replaced all vinyl skins throughout entire boat under warranty. Skins were sent from SR to local upholstery guy who replaced them, took about 2 days.

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[email protected] Thanks for sending this. I contacted Sea Ray again after having a local upholstery guy tell me he did a number of replacements. I did mention something about not wanting to pursue it legally and that got their attention. I plan to call the contact in the factory tomorrow.