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Hi Group! I have a 2005 Sundancer...

Guest Contributor

Hi Group! I have a 2005 Sundancer 280 and it seems like my outlets stopped working after using a 110v electrical kettle for warming water. The green light on the GFI outlet indicator in the head compartment is out, and it does not help to reset it.. Is there a fuse somewhere that may have been blown? Any help appreciated!  


Guest Contributor
Did you check the circuit breakers? Sounds like you may have overloaded the circuit. If you can't figure out where they are I can take a picture of mine and show you where they are. If the breaker is tripped, the GFCI LED will not light up.

Rising Contributor
GFCI breakers have a very finite lifetime in a marine environment. Kill the power and swap the receptacle to a new replacement. Keep new spare GFCI receptacles on-hand for future replacements.

Guest Contributor
Thanks @Michael Joplin and @Paul Ferrara for your responses. It turned out one of the GFCI's was dead and the other just a bit difficult to reset. Ordered a new one from Home Depot. Thanks again. I really appreciate it 🙂