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I have a general question re Vessel...

Guest Contributor

I have a general question re Vessel View.  I have 2012 310 sundancer with 5.0 Mercs.   On the Vessel view screen that shows temp, oil pressure, voltage, and water pressure, what Is an acceptable water pressure?  Port engine bounces around from zero to 10. While the stbd engine is solid at 18..  meanwhile the temp for both is solid at 170.  


im guessing the pressure sensor is bad.


Rising Contributor
It is great having two engines. It permits "easy" diagnostics, swapping parts side to side to locate the problem source.

Note that Mercruiser uses those push on right angle barrel connectors for these types of sensors and my experience is that those connectors fail, providing flakey readings.

When my push on connectors have failed I snip them off and properly crimp on correctly sized ring tongue connectors, retained by correctly sized nuts and washers, onto the existing threaded sensor posts.

Guest Contributor
Thanks wingless. You responses are always thorough and on target. I will let you know result.