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Hello fellow boaters.  I have a...

Guest Contributor

Hello fellow boaters.  I have a 2003 Amberjack 290 and need some guidance regarding a Windlass issue.  I have a Lofrans Progress 1 (No Longer Manufactured) that needs to be replaced.  The "direct" replacement for this is a Lofrans Progress 1000 according to the manufacturer.  There are several different versions of this model, depending on the deck thickness.  The standard model fits .98 to 1.57 inch thick decks.  Other options allow for deck clearances of 2.75 and 5 inches.

It is hard to get an accurate idea without first removing the existing one which I am hesitant to do.   Anyone have experience with replacing their windlass and where there might be a specification on the deck thickness?   


Thank you for your assistance! 


Rising Contributor
On my 2000 380DA I have climbed into my anchor locker more times than I can count (no big surprise...)

When inside and looking up at the windlass, there is a deck cutout where the chain passes.

With the windlass mounted, looking up from the bottom it is possible to see / measure the deck thickness.

From my eyeball foggy memory, many years ago, mine is just over an inch thick.

Is it possible to poke your head, or a camera, into the anchor locker and look up to see / quantify the deck thickness?

Doesn't the windlass have a model and S/N decal on the top edge perimeter that might provide the info on the existing part?

Guest Contributor
Thank You Wingless for the suggestions.

Unfortunately, the deck hatch is extremely small and the motor blocks the view of the cutout. I was able to "feel" the lip of the deckplate where the chain passes through and used a ruler/finger to guestimate its depth 🙂 I measured somewhere between 1 and 1.25 inches, which comes close to what you stated.

So, it probable is a safe bet that the standard Project 1000 model will work!

I did forward an email to a Lofrans distributor with the serial# and am awaiting a response.

Thanks again for the guidance.