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searching for Owners manual for 95 400 Express Cruiser

Guest Contributor

Anyone got an ide for where to find a owners manual for our 400 Express Cruiser?  

And maybe some advice for mounting of bow propeller ???

Thanks in advance  🙂



I grew up with boats, and now i finally got my SeaRay

Team Sea Ray
Team Sea Ray

@BGSvendsen Sea Ray has a full document library of Owner's Manuals for models dated back to 1959. You can find them when you login via the Owner's Club here:

Rising Contributor

Welcome to the forum.

Here is the Parts Manual for your 1995 400 Express Cruiser.

Here is the Specification Sheet for your yacht.

Here is an Owner's Manual for your yacht. It is listed as an earlier model year, but Sea Ray would just reuse the same document over multiple years.


Rising Contributor

FWIW, that 400 Express Cruiser should not require a bow thruster.

Get familiar w/ your boat. Center the rudders, steer w/ the throttles and the transmissions.

There are infrequent instances, such as pivoting off a seawall or dock, where instructing a helper w/ a line, provides superior effect to a bow thruster.

It is superior because a bow thruster can easily be overpowered by wind and tide. A bow thruster can suddenly stop when the available power or duty cycle has bee exhausted. The main engines will continue to have plenty of GO remaining.